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Data Recovery basically means the process of acquiring back usable data from the damaged, corrupt media or storage device. The loss of important data can cause fall down of businesses, leaving you and your company in the most evil situation to face.
Within corporations, governments, schools and homes around the world, millions of people have come to rely on Desktops to run their lives. We rely on these machines to store vital data which serves as one of the most powerful tools we have - information. These machines however, do not operate without itís dangers. Lost data may occur due to numerous causes such as accidental files/Partition deletion (User Error), mechanical failures, reformatting, overwriting, software corruption (Logical), virus attacks, physical trauma, and environmental damage (Fire, Floods, Lighting, etc).

Lost data in most cases occur suddenly and unexpectedly, but rest assured,  Data Recovery Indore has all the resources needed to give our clients one of the highest success rates in the drive recovery industry. With our experienced technics & knowledgeable, we have all that we need in-house to solve your desktop computer data recovery needs quickly and efficiently.

Signs that a Desktop is Likely to Experience Data Loss

    * Strange noises or grinding sound
    * Blue screen of death
    * Unresponsiveness

What to Do When Your Desktop is Failing

    * Turn off computer immediately - further operation may damage data beyond repair
    * Do not restart computer
    * Do not install or re-install any software
    * Do not shake, disassemble, remove or attempt to clean a suspected damaged hard drive - improper handling may cause more damage
    * Do not use file recovery or other utility software to attempt repair for a damaged or failed drive
    * Do not attempt to dry a wet computer
    * Never attempt to operate any visibly damaged devices
    * Contact data recovery specialists at Porwal Computers immediately

The recoverable percentage of IDE Hard Disk is 70% in comparision with Sata, sata has only 45% recover chance.

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